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BRAND NEW WARZONE SEASON - Here's Everything You Need To Know

First MRags Minute - do we like this style of content? I had a lot more fun making this video than I originally thought. This video (and the text below) includes everything you need to know for the Warzone Season 4 update!

(3) New Weapons

MG 82 - Light Machine Gun - BROKEN

Unlocked for free at Battle Pass tier 15

C58 - Assault Rifle

Seems useable, can be found as ground loot. unlocked for free at tier 31 of the Battle Pass.

Nail Gun 

Unlocked through challenges or buying a blueprint. Seems very powerful


Note: I never care what the patch notes say. You can only really test these guns with how they perform in game. Remember the first time they "nerfed" the DMR and it wasn't actually nerfed? Right, that was total Painzone. So in a week or so, expect my actual thoughts on how the guns perform in game.

From left to right 

Amax - Nerf (barely), takes one more bullet to kill

Groza - significant buff, may become a top AR

Scar - Slight buff

XM4 - slight buff

AMP63 - Buff

Ballistic Knife- Buff

Streetsweeper- Huge nerf (thank god)

M82 Sniper - Buff

Swiss K31 - Changed default reticle

MW AUG - Big buff

Bullfrog - changed iron sights



Seems slightly more zoomed in and you can see the bottom of the iron sight now

KSP - Buff

Milano - Big Buff - seems very useable now

PP Bizon - Buff

DMR 14 - Buff

New Gulag

Much larger than previous gulags with a lot of area on the sides of the map. New gulags are always trash until you're comfortable and learn your strategy.

(4) New Satellite crash spots in Farmland, Salt Mine, riverbed by Airport Control Tower and the bridge that connects Promenade and Downtown. These won't change the map or playstyle too much, but it's a fairly cool addition to the map.

Armored Berthas were added as a limited time event in game. They spawn from red balloons with red smoke on the ground. The berthas have a minigun turret attached to the top (How the f**k approved this).

Dirt bikes are added to the game that have great speed but very poor handling. Can fit (2) passengers and you are able to put a trophy system on top. Think of the dirt bike as a faster ATV with worse turning.

I'm excited to play this new season for the first time today, tune into the stream below to watch some of the gameplay!