Everything On The Internet Really Does Live Forever, Including The Lame Voicemails You Leave Your Future Coworkers

I'll tell you something, it takes a lot for me to actually get embarrassed. I may act embarrassed sometimes, or i'll get a twinge of it here and there, but I'm pretty good at laughing through an awkward situation and forgetting about it. This time? I'm legitimately embarrassed. Before working at Barstool, I was obviously a fan of the site, KFC Radio in particular. I grew up loving traditional radio shows, and the introduction of podcasts into my life quite literally changed it. I was a huge fan of Kevin and John's conversations, and I listened to every episode religiously. I used to call into regular radio shows too, so it's no surprise really that I called in to KFC Radio back in 2014, when I did NOT live in New York yet, and needed to insert myself into the conversation. 

Kelly, why are you so embarrassed? You are a fan of a successful show, your voicemail wasn't even that stupid, what's your problem? My problem is that now, I've known these two for... 6 years? And they will never let me forget this. I am no longer cool, at all. I'm a fangirl for life. I called to talk about sex positions and porn!!! What a LOSER! I LIED and said I was from New York because it sounded better than New Jersey! I'm such a traitor!!! And now I work with these men full time. I announced that I had called in to leave voicemails, thinking that 2014 was the stone age, and there was zero chance they could be uncovered. Nick Hamilton found them in 30 seconds. All of this hard work I've done, establishing the brand of "crazy girl but is actually cool, and sometimes hot in the right lighting and from the right angles" RIPPED from me. I'm just a KFCR stan now. I asked KEVIN AND JOHN for sex advice. How down bad could I have been???? 

Whatever. Happy 9th Anniversary to my favorite podcast in the whole wide world, KFC Radio. I will now promote their YouTube channel because I know that would mean the most.