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A Collection of the Best Takes From Before, During and After the Sixers' Unthinkable Collapse

I'm still riding high as a Georgia pine after watching the Hawks overcome a 26-point second half deficit to take down the 76ers in Philadelphia and take a 3-2 lead in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Seeing a collapse like that unfold — from the right side for once — was a simply magical experience.

And I could sit here and tell you how great it was and what a piss poor franchise the Sixers are and all that, but I can't do a better job than the entirety of the internet did as everyone watched the seemingly impossible happen. So here are just a few of my favorite tweets from last night.

First we have this Picks Central caller who claims his girlfriend possesses some sort of magical power to make Philadelphia teams win. I didn't believe that 27-0 number before, but regardless of what it was, it's at least 27-1 now.

This is an instantaneous hall of famer. You simply can't put that caption and a yawning emoji and then blow a 26-point lead. Even 16,000 retweets is far too few for this masterpiece.

This guy saw into the future and tried to warn the Sixers social team, though.

Tough scenes, indeed.

This guy came up on my TikTok feed after the game. I sincerely hope he's doing alright today.

Watching Ben Simmons attempt to shoot free throws brings me almost as much joy as watching Pablo Torre make a buffoon of himself. There is precisely one thing that happened in that game which was hilariously pathetic and that is a No. 1 seed blowing a 26-point lead at home. Learn how to make free throws and that won't happen anymore.

Maybe my favorite tweet of the night. There was no better way to end that game than Joel Embiid going to the line down three points and clanking both free throws. It was so perfect.

The Atlanta Hawks had one of the greatest comebacks in NBA Playoff history because Lemon Pepper Lou decided to come in and take over. We will never forget where we were when the King of Magic City brought Philadelphia to its knees. Also, the Hawks received two draft picks in addition to Williams for Rajon Rondo. Won the trade.

6-617. Less than a 1 percent chance of winning. That is some Falcons shit if I've ever seen it.

Speaking of the Falcons, maybe this is what we needed to turn the fortune around for both of these franchises. The Braves are dying so the Hawks and Falcons may live.

As soon as the game ended, my mind went right to this clip. I bet Benny Boy wishes he had kept his mouth shut on stream a couple years ago if he knew he was going to go 4-14 at the line in a pivotal playoff game against Atlanta.

The scores in this game bear looking at a few more times just to reiterate how ridiculous this second half was. The Sixers had to actively try to lose this game. It's so glorious.

No game is complete without the recap from Magic. Kings stay kings.

And then, of course, we have our friend Smitty. I talked to him this morning. He seems to be doing ok all things considered, but he's definitely reeling. Unfortunately, I've been on the other side of too many of these and know how he feels all too well. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying it.

Let's end this thing in six, fellas.