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I Cannot Believe That Tommy Cheeseballs Is Going To Be My Coworker At Barstool

Actually let me tweak that headline. Back when I first started working at Barstool, I wouldn't have believed that Tommy Cheeseballs was going to be my coworker at Barstool. That is because I wasn't sure if Tommy was even alive since we hadn't heard a peep from him since his True Life episode in 2003 and and Barstool was roughly 1/20th the size it is today before Peter Chernin and $PENN started pumping straight cash homie directly into the company.

However in this new Barstool world, I can COMPLETELY believe that Tommy Cheeseballs is going to be my coworker considering Portnoy has become this modern day Million Dollar Man who just buys up people who entertain him online. If you go down the list, you'll notice that some of my coworkers have been hired for how they handled getting trolled on a live stream, having a folder of memes that could kill an entire country, losing their shit because the INCOMPETENT New Jersey Transit was late on Opening Day, or being a video game character that came to life like Pinocchio. 


I'd say all the people I just mentioned worked out pretty damn well, so why not the most authentic person from the Internet 1.0 days that pretty much inspired a revolution known as Jersey Shore? I've spouted about just how incredible Tommy Cheeseball is for years in my bi-annual blogs on Memorial Day and Labor Day and he clearly hasn't lost a spot considering he casually threw a cigarette in his mouth as he was offered a job live on a podcast.

Move Rating: PEAK Cheeseballs

I think Eddie's face said it all for how Cheeseballs Heads at Barstool felt about the thought of working with Tommy.

If Tommy does get hired I formally request that despite any Cameo-related beefs, Tommy becomes yet another member of Team Ziti (that is admittedly starting to grow at an outrageous pace like the nWo) because it's the perfect fit for his #brand. And if Tommy ever wants to come on Podfathers, the door is always open and I'll even throw the other two mamalukes out the door if he wants to be a host.  That's the kind of A-List treatment reserved for the star of this classic.


Check out the full interview with Tommy on The Dave Portnoy Show that gave a great background on what he's been up to for the last 18 years and pulled on the heartstrings more than I could've ever imagined.