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Ben Simmons Should Never Be Allowed To Put On A Sixers Jersey Ever Again

David Dow. Getty Images.

I mean I don't even have any real words to say right now. That was pathetic. That was putrid. That was absolutely fucking disgusting from top to bottom. This is a group of dudes who have absolutely no idea how to win and all of these dickheads are too fucking arrogant to put in the work to earn it. 

Ben Simmons. You rich, mentally weak, bitch. Just make some free throws, dammit. You get millions upon millions upon millions of dollars. You literally shouldn't be allowed to leave the practice facility until you can knock down 50 in a row. Whether the moment is too big for you or you just can't hit the shot, it really doesn't matter at this point. 

And obviously there is so much more blame to go around. Tobias Harris has gone missing yet again. Get the hell out of here. Doc Rivers is obsessed with a bench rotation that sucks. Get the hell out of here. Joel Embiid can't hit a big shot when it comes down the stretch. I'm not going to tell Joel to get the hell out of here but he's not absolved from any of this either. 

Just horrifying all around, yet somehow not nearly as surprising as it should be. This team sucks, and nobody should care if Ben Simmons never played another game for the Sixers again. Hard to even care about game 6 at this point. Christ. That was so deflating.