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I Have An Unhealthy Obsession With America's Hottest Sport: Treadmill Beer Races

You've probably already heard about Treadmill Beer Races so excuse me if this is repetitive. But I'm professionally obligated to fill it up again and bring this racing phenomenon to your eyeballs. Say it with me guys: Treadmill Beer Racing is absolutely magnificent. 

Now obviously I'm biased because GTLF just dusted the field and I'm married to Miller Lite. But I'm also very petty when it comes to Beer Wars and I'll take any chance to celebrate the good stuff. Just another example of why you know it's the best. They even optimized the canning technology. 

And before you start chirping about pole position, my guy Rusty ran it back on the outside just to prove a point. 

Stool streams anyone? High Noon flavors doing battle to determine the ultimate champion even though we know it's black cherry SHUT UP. I'm not here to argue seltzer flavors. 

I'm here to say Treadmill Beer Racing is awesome and I wouldn't mind seeing more of it. Take that for what it is. 

h/t @NedYostKC