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Only A Complete Buffoon Actually Believes Coach Cal Is Leaving Kentucky For The NBA Right Now

[Yahoo] - Calipari is a bit of a surprise here, but multiple sources tell Yahoo Sports Calipari would be open to jumping back into the NBA.

“He may have maxed out at Kentucky,” a high-ranking executive told Yahoo Sports.

“College basketball is a sinking ship,” another executive told Yahoo Sports. “He is much different than his first go-round but that ego is hard to tame.”

Ah, yes, it must be summer. It's every year where we hear that Calipari is open to jumping back to the NBA and that he's moving on from college basketball. It's another year where it's not happening. First off, Cal is an egomaniac like every other coach. He's not going to leave Kentucky after the worst year of his career and school history. The man will leave after he proves that was a mistake and only that. The timing makes absolutely zero sense for him to leave now, especially when you look at the recruits he's brought in, the recruits he's going after down the road and the way he talks about the program. Oh yeah, he also signed a lifetime deal two years ago. 


 OldTakesExpose me, whatever. He's a Kentucky guy. There's a reason he's back on the recruiting trail and bringing in changing his style of recruiting. He's going out and getting shooters. He's talked about how he's changing the way he's looking at the game. He's talked about how he's ready for next season already. The man just finished up a tour across the state hosting camps with his team. Shit, why would he go out and hire his good friend Orlando Antigua away from Illinois if he's going to leave? Same goes for Chin Coleman. Every single sign says there's next to zero chance he leaves this year. 

Why would he take one of these jobs? He's a legend at Kentucky. He can do whatever he wants. He has a home there. He's the PERFECT fit for the Commonwealth. The job is different than most. You have to deal with the fanbase. You have to handle everything that comes with it. Lexington is a small city and Kentucky is a small state. You are the show of the state. That's not a negative like this one single source says. It's something that Calipari embraces. 

Think about the job that are open too. The Pacers and Pelicans fired coaches after one year. If you're using 'unrealistic expectations' at Kentucky for why he'd want to leave, how the fuck do you describe Celtics fans? He wouldn't go out west and coach the Blazers. That leaves the Wizards and the Magic. You want to leave for that? No, he's going to pick and choose if he ever leaves for the NBA. It would be to coach a team set to win and probably have some of his guys on the roster. There's a huge difference between 'sources saying he's open to return to the NBA' vs actually leaving. That rumor has been around basically every year since like 2012. 

Time to win title 9.