Germany Should Be Utterly Embarrassed For Losing To France After Heidi Klum Went *Ahem* All Out In Support Of Them

Things are damn near the lowest point for Germany soccer. Crazy to think they won a World Cup in 2014 and a Confederations Cup in 2017 and here they are. They were lucky to get away with a 1-0 loss to France yesterday considering France had two goals called back on offsides calls. We really need to fix that. If the goal is awesome, let it stand no matter what, especially when we're talking about a knee being offsides. Sure, France had the magical elephant on their side, that's tough to beat. 

But we're talking about Heidi Klum here. She's 48 years old and still looks like that. FORTY EIGHT. She's in the top tier of milfs, something we're fond of on this here site. If she's out here showing her support in a cut off jersey and bikini bottoms, you better at least score a goal. Instead you have stories of how its manager is out here sniffing his fingers midgame. 

The man simply won't stop catching a whiff of himself during matches. It's wild. But that shouldn't be the story here. The story should be how Germany, at home, looked barely on the same caliber as France. How do you think that makes Heidi feel? Again, 48 years old. Have some pride one time, Germany. Try scoring for yourselves instead of the other team next time. 

Heidi, come support USMNT. We're about to enter the golden age and Germany is washed up, unlike you.