Pedro Martinez Knows Exactly How He Wants His Balls Rubbed And He's Going To Tell You About It

A lot of ball rubbing and substances talk these past few weeks, well Pedro Martinez has had enough of it. He wanted to let the viewers know how he wants his balls rubbed. When he was on the mound it was his game and he would dictate how his balls were rubbed, and if you didn't rub Pedro's balls to his liking, he'd find someone else to rub his balls how he liked it. He would find someone who could rub his balls and make him feel comfortable. Is that too much to ask? A guy just looking for someone who knows how to rub his balls to get them to work the right way. It's not too much to ask. And I have to applaud Pedro for going on national TV and letting us know how he wanted his balls rubbed. Good for him for speaking his mind, a lot of pitchers are left wondering about the ball rubbing and how that will change going forward. It's a conversation that isn't going away now, there may be less ball rubbing and the pitchers won't like that. I'm just happy we were able to hear from Pedro's mouth about how he liked his balls rubbed. 

And shout out to Sean Casey and Greg Amsinger for not absolutely losing their shit when Pedro is looking at them with a straight face talking about how he enjoys his balls being rubbed. I also will not make a Tom Brady balls joke, I won't do it.