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Get Weird With Wilder and Fury

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Honestly don't watch this 5-minute video of Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury staring at each other for 5 minutes straight. Ill give you a rundown of what happened and the implications.

The first minute we have Wilder take his glasses off and they continue to stare at each other, Fury talks a little smack but realize Wilder just wants to be a creep and agrees to play the stare-down game. This goes on for about 40 seconds

At around 2 minutes the crowd starts chirping realizing they are literally just going to stare at each other. At this point, people are concerned about what's going on. 

At 2 and a half minutes the nice lady kindly asks them to face the camera for a promo shoot. She gets ignored. 

At this point, you see both the fighters swaying, I think they are kind in an "in too deep" type of thing and are just kinda at a game of chicken whose going to move first. Both are tired from the staredown. 

around 3:25 a lady says "Thanks guys I have a meeting to go to" which is hilarious in its own right because you can tell this lady wants nothing to do with these shenanigans.

Everyone is kinda like, Ok let's wrap it up 

Around 4 minutes people start stepping in because everyone is uncomfortable. Some guy just keeps repeating "2 time" "2 time". 

Finally, at 5 minutes 30 seconds, Wilder puts his glasses on and walks out.

Really weird he walked first because, from the looks of it, it wasn't Fury's idea but Wilder's. Fury realized what kind of game was being played just went along with it.

Some highlights from the rest of the press conference.

Wilder didn't talk the whole time and his trainer did all the talking.

Fury turns out busted both of their eardrums, both Wilder and his trainer's. Fury was a better trash talker than the trainer.

Wilder was no talk all business, the total opposite of what he did before the last fight and even after his defeat.


Regarding the staredown Wilder commented in this video by Elie Seback, 

"I didn’t come here to fool around.”

“I’m so focused right now because I was done wrong,”  “I was done wrong in front of the world. I’m just a man of what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.”  

He also said that he was listening to old school R&B the whole time he had his headphones on and wasn't speaking.

The last time they faced each other, Wilder really took a beating both physically and mentally. He made excuses about wearing too much costume gear when heading to the ring, as well as claiming he was drugged. He made accusations regarding heavy egg-like objects in Fury's gloves. Honestly, I think the defeat shattered Wilder's sanity. 

This fight even happening is quite bizarre how the whole thing happened. A judge said Wilder was deserving of a rematch. Was looking forward to the Fury v Joshua but Wilder deserves a best of three.