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Warzone Season 4 Drops Tomorrow - Here's What To Expect

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Before we get into the new season, I had one of my most clutch Warzone wins yesterday playing solo duos.


Full video gameplay + my LC-10 Loadout here

Warzone Season 4

Let's start with the cream of the crop - Warzone

- New parts of the map which are satellite crash sites 

- Brand new gulag (thank god)

- New vehicle (dirt bike) - This feels like it's going to be just a reskinned ATV 

- Red Doors??? No clue

- (2) New Modes - Payload and Verdansk Resurgence Mini

- (3) New Character Skins (meh)

- (5) !!!! New guns - as typical Warzone fashion, at least two of these guns will be completely broken upon release.

Cold War

- (4) New Multiplayer Maps (does anyone still play this game?)

- New Zombies Map - Mauer Der Toten

I'm actually excited to try the new zombies map. I used to be a HUGE zombies junkie back it the day.

Warzone new seasons are overhyped in my opinion. We may get some minimal map changes, but the game will still play the same way. The new gulag update is hopefully a W, however, we'll have to get a few reps in before we can really determine is this is an L or W.