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It’s Officially “Carry Your Backpack Like This So Your Back Doesn’t Turn Into A Puddle” Season

It’s here people. The time has officially come. That truly amazing but absolutely horrendous time all wrapped into one. On one hand it’s summer time, the most amazing, wonderful, sunny, good vibes, good energy, tropical time of the year. On the other hand, it makes your commute to work the most gruesome, sweaty, miserable, terrifying time of the year. Everyone‘s got their own way of battling through these sunny, yet dark times. Some people bring an extra shirt to work. Some people wear an extra shirt so the sweat only seeps through the bottom layer and not the top. Hell in NYC I’ve even seen some sick fucks carry around an umbrella with no rain in sight just to shade themselves from this god forsaken heat. 

To some extent it’s unavoidable. I’m a fat fuck so no matter what I do if there is even the slightest ray of sunshine in my vicinity I’m gonna catch some residual titty sweat and back sweat. Defending the sun from making you sweat is like trying to defend a prime Reggie Bush in college, you can’t stop it you can only hope to contain it. That feeling when back sweat starts dripping from your back right through into your ass crack is the official point of no return. That’s what we’re trying to prevent here and the only way to do it is to hold your backpack like this. Is it inconvenient? You’re god damn right it is. But it‘s a hell of a lot less inconvenient than a puddle of back sweat and swamp ass that goes from soaked to just damp and gross once you’re in air conditioning. You’re gonna be fighting off the ramifications of that back sweat for hours. Fight through the struggles of carrying your backpack by hand and bask in the hours of glory that comes with walking into work with a dry back. Ball security is an absolute must with this method but ball security is coachable. You may not be able to teach speed and athleticism but you absolutely can teach securing the bag. Secure your bag this summer kings so your other bag isn’t a sweaty, sloppy mess as you walk into the the office,