You Should Go To The Movie Theaters To See 'In The Heights'

First off, if you don't like musicals then…

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Seriously, 'In the Heights' is a delightful, colorful, fun, and uplifting movie that is only enhanced by seeing it on the big screen. There are tons of show-stopping moments that will have you just grinning ear-to-ear in your seat. Maybe musicals aren't for you, sure, but you're telling me you don't want to just be back at a movie theater right now? Sitting there with a big ass popcorn? Holding an ice-cold drink? Feeling those gross-ass seats and sticky floors?

Look, I'll even offer up the first EIGHT MINUTES of the movie!

There is nothing quite like the opening number to a musical.

Go see 'In the Heights', buy a ticket, then buy a ticket for 'A Quiet Place Part II', make a whole fucking day with it!

This is an excellent movie and one that'll leave you in a great mood to keep enjoying this summer of being BACK.

- what is back? well, everything.

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