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The Morris Twins Share A Bank Account Together, But Markieff Won't Watch Marcus Play The Jazz Because Nobody Wants To Go To Utah

I want to say poor Utah, but it's their own damn fault. It's a lame ass spot. I'm sure there are decent areas like anywhere else in the world but all you hear about is the alcohol laws and things like that and that's really how I base trips. How are the bars, how are the food? If I really want to see Mt. Zion National Park again or whatever, I can just google it. Sightseeing, not really for me, the Morris twins or Vernon Maxwell. 

But really this just shows how weird Utah is because there are very few twins weirder than the Morris twins. They do EVERYTHING together. They have the same agent, they SHARE A BANK ACCOUNT. That's right. They would just get a lump sum and put it all into a bank account to share. They have the same tattoos. They couldn't beat a Barstool blogger in basketball. 


Yeah that's right. Won that game, scored on that play, nbd. Also, they are ridiculously tall, even by Pennsylvania state high school basketball standards. The point is the two of them do EVERYTHING together. Except for one thing. That's go to Utah. Marcus was pretty blunt about it. Nobody fucking wants to go to Utah. 

I think we can all agree the shared bank account is the weirdest thing. Just, you know, have your own. I get that they do everything for family and what's mine is yours type deal. But they make a different amount. I wouldn't trust my brother with my entire bank account. Sorry, Chris, but you're a dumbass and I can barely trust myself. I will never stop shaking my head any time I hear the Morris twins and remembering that little fact about them. 

I also know it's easy to rail on Utah, but remember when Mitt Romney wore a personalized jersey and trolled Russell Westbrook? 

Sports man. Makes you hate an entire state in a quote and gets former Presidential candidates out there chirping an MVP. What a goddamn perfect world.