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Today Marks the Beginning of JULOON, The Best Month of the Year

The debate over "Which Season is the Best/Worst" has been raging for centuries. There is no right answer or wrong answer although I must admit, when I first noticed my coworkers hating on summer, I was triggered.


That is until I realized my love of summer comes from a place of privilege. I grew up on the coast, have a couple friends with boats, and tan surprisingly well for a white dude. Summer fucks. Meanwhile Blattman grew up in a swamp (The DMV) before moving to a concrete jungle (Manhattan) and O'day grew up in dark recesses of Central MA. I've never seen them in bathing suits and my guess is they prefer to not see themselves in one too. Nothing wrong with that. Different strokes for different folks and if you aren't blessed with access to a lake, beach, boat, pool, or river, your summers won't slap like they're supposed to. 

I personally think "What's the best/worst season?" is too vague of a question. The real debate should be over what is the best/worst month of the year. For instance, there are portions of the Winter I enjoy but if you asked me my least favorite month, the answer is without a doubt February. In fact, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, February is the only correct answer. Believe me it sucks just as much in China as it does in the US. It's dark, dreary, and besides the Super Bowl, filled with a spattering of the lamest holidays ever invented (no offense to Golden Retrievers)


Now when it comes to best month of the year, there is a lot more room for debate. Solid cases can be made for many of them. However I believe I have found one that will appeal to the masses. 

JULOON (June 15th - July 16th) 

It really is the perfect month. Right at the beginning of Summer when even the summer-haters haven't gotten sick of it yet. You got the 4th of July (July 4th), you got my birthday (June 16th). I mean what's not to like. Whereas October and January have become popular months for people to sober up, Juloon is the polar opposite. It's the ideal time to let loose. GO NUTS. GET WAFFLED. You'll have the rest of the year after Juloon to deal with the repercussions.

In Juloon, summer seems endless and full of possibility. Maybe you'll find a hot new summer fling, maybe you'll make a new friend who owns a boat, maybe you'll finally drink a zillion beers without pissing your pants. Often Juloon will come and go without any of these things happening but it's the rush of knowing they could that makes the month so special. After Juloon is when the often brutal "dog days of summer" begin and "back to school" anxiety starts to set in even though you haven't been inside a classroom for over a decade. 

So make the most of your JULOON this year, I know I will. Or at least I'll try. I had a JULOON retreat planned with PFT at the Margaritaville Time Square Resort this weekend

But yesterday was informed by the resort that would no longer be possible. 


Turns out you can cancel #THEVILLE after all. You know what you actually can't cancel tho? JULOON. And I will not let this minor setback put a damper on it. I'm sure I'll find a MUCH bigger body of water to swim in than the Margaritaville hyphen pool anyways…