Which 3 HBO Characters Would You Have Dinner With?

I'm usually not a big "prompt Twitter" guy because lot of them are stupid and just clog your feed with answers you don't care about. "Name a movie with Nic Cage that isn't THE ROCK or CON AIR" is (almost) bottom of the barrel Twitter shit that serves no purpose.

But they're not all bad and you can get some good chatter going with this one...

Or this one...

So when HBO dropped the one above awhile back, I paused and started thinking "what three HBO characters would I want to have dinner with?". And unlike most of Twitter, I followed the directions and didn't list eight characters or add qualifiers.

I mean, the possibilties are endless given the plethora of rich characters that the cable giant has gifted us over the last few decades. You can come up with some wild groups. I replied pretty quick and didn't do a deep dive at all but I'm fine with the three I chose.

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Obviously Al Swearengen would be holding court for this meal. Just listening to him turn a phrase or say "cocksucker" in person would make the dinner. He could regale us with a dazzling array of stories from his early life in England to becoming the premier brothel/saloon proprietor of the pioneer days. Also, he can mix in a murder story or two. Those are always good.

McNulty will show up with a foreign load then just get progressively more bombed during dinner and barely touch his food. He never came across as a mean drunk in the show (unless you were his significant other) but he'll toe the line with Al once. Al will give him an arched eyebrow and McNulty will get the hint. Then he'll get some half-off pussy at The Gem. He'll also drop some truth nuggets because as flawed as he was, McNulty was a smart guy and good police.

Greg the Egg will do what Greg the Egg does---be awkward and goofy and endearing. But even moreseo in the presence of an actual psychopath (as opposed to an elderly, megalomaniacal great uncle). McNulty will have a soft spot for the kid and make him choke down a swig from his flask. And Al will be so taken by his fidgety nature that he'll order Johnny Burns to bust out the canned peaches STAT.

Characters from "The Sopranos" were obviously huge selections in the replies. But hair trigger-tempered mobsters who kill old ladies and pregnant women with equal aplomb aren't exactly guys I want to break bread with (Adrianna is a different story). Three-quarters of the Barstool office will probably pick Johnny Drama, E, and Turtle. 

Who are your three?