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Drama At E3 - Nadeshot Is Very Unhappy With An Interview Being Released

In this video, you can see that Nadeshot is being extremely authentic when he's speaking with OcTic Gaming Owner, Hector Rodriguez (Hecz). Nadeshot is co-founder and CEO of 100 Thieves, which is one of the most popular gaming orgs in the world. 100T gets a lot of heat for being a "Hoodie Org," because some esports fans feel like 100T cares more about their merch sales and content, than their esports teams. From this conversation, Nadeshot is defending his org and explaining how high the expectations are for 100 Thieves.

When the video released, Nadeshot expressed his frustrations about the interview being shown live during E3 today via a Twitter thread. Ultimately, Nadeshot knew he was speaking from the heart, but didn't want to come off the wrong way which is why he explicitly asked if he could approve the footage before it was shown.

When Nade is sitting down with Hecz, his true passion comes out because Hector molded Nadeshot in a sense through his esports career. Nadeshot was an OG OpTic gaming CoD Pro between 2010-2016 and became captain of the team in 2014. This whole time, Hecz was the Owner and GM of OpTic. So, you could imagine how much time and energy they spent together trying to grow esports and their brands.

Ultimately, Nadeshot spoke with Venn who released the footage and they seem to be on good terms.

I don't think Nadeshot came off the wrong way at all, if anything you can just feel his passion for his organization. I understand his frustrations, but it seems like everything is all good in the end.


Nadeshot truly deserves his own blog about his come up story, because it's a tale of hard work, passion and having a vision. I wanna do Nadeshot right with that blog, so gimme time to really craft it well.