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After Years Of Waiting, We Finally Got To See Halo Infinite Gameplay

Seeing a Needler back in action brings back so many memories. I couldn't stop thinking about Halo Infinite all-day yesterday.

Unlike Battlefield, Halo doesn't need a Battle Royale to be a blockbuster success. However, I think everyone recognizes that a Halo Battle Royale would completely take over the gaming world. There was a lot to unpack with this trailer, so here were my initial thoughts (watch video above for the audio version).

Free to Play Multiplayer

Absolute W - no other way to stress this. My biggest question after hearing this, "Will the game be available for Playstation users?"  We know the game will be cross compatible, but Halo has always been an Xbox exclusive. If Halo Infinite is an Xbox exclusive, then it's Xbox Series X > PS5. Halo multiplayer is always a good time, so I can't wait to squad up with the boys and play some Grifball again.


The gameplay looks crisp and gives off that old Halo feel. I wanna be able to hijack enemies off their Ghost or Wraith to give my team the upper hand. Game mods like Capture the Flag are going to give players the competitive twist and strategy they want with the classic Halo fun.

There is a newly added grapple that Guardians can use for increased and enhanced movement. In the trailer, we saw the character use it to Hijack an enemies vehicle. This addition seems great and I can't wait to test the mechanics myself.

Halo Infinite Timeline

Halo Infinite was originally supposed to drop in the Fall of 2020. Due to COVID, the timeline got delayed and the game is projected to launch on November 9th, thanks to an accidental tweet by Halo Brazil (which was deleted very soon thereafter).

Also notice, it says nothing about Playstation…

The developer of the game is not Bungie like old Halos. 343 Industries has taken over the development of the Halo Franchise. I'm definitely happier with the delayed release than receiving a half-made game.

I couldn't be more excited for Halo Infinite! I really hope the ranked playlist is similar to Halo 3's. Make the wins ultra important with personal performance giving a slight extra boost. Once the game drops, you can expect me to be playing it a ton on our Twitch channel.

Speaking of, I'm live right now playing Warzone! Join chat and let's talk E3 and all things gaming.