Honest Question: How Do Yankees Fans Live With Themselves?

I am concerned. Genuinely worried. New York Yankees have trouble enough existing as mammals in a society filled with Homo sapiens, as KFC eloquently states above, but at least they sleep on their hay at night knowing they have 27 Championships. 

But what happens when the prospect of obtaining more rings are no longer an option? I honestly don't know how Yankees supporters continue to go on after being forced to observe this product of a team this season. And this is coming from a downtrodden Phillies fan who revels in misery for the better part of 138 years. I only ask this after witnessing an absolute embarrassing 2 game Yankee SWEEP in Philadelphia and this disturbing conversation I had with one Thomas Smokes: 

Flabbergasted. How, in the name of Zeus' BUTTHOLE, is that possible to bench Giancarlo Stanton in the NL? It's mind boggling Aaron Boone is allowed to go on after hearing this. Can Giancarlo Stanton walk somewhat normally on two legs and breathe on his own? Then he's good to hang out in LF when the Yankees play in the NL, especially at CBP where the spacing is small where he wouldn't even need to move around much. I mean, talk about being overprotective. Is the Yankees clubhouse baby proofed, too? The dude is 31-years-old and played OF in the NL for eight seasons before going to the AL. Absolutely inexcusable taking Stanton's mega dick swinging stick out of the lineup for AN ENTIRE (two game) SERIES.

I couldn't believe it. And they even for some reason upset noted Yankees supporter Frank "The Tank" Flemming: 

Oh well. Thanks for teaching the struggling Phillies how to hit, NY. Very much appreciated. 

In the end, you really gotta for Yankees fans who are forced to watch this underachieving team, ESPECIALLY while LeBron is out of the playoffs. At least Dak is back this year for the Cowboys. 

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PS - Not really related but this is still one of the most genuine underrated and funniest moments/streams in BSS history. I said it. 

PSS - Oh and it's getting to the point you either you Bet With Smitty or you're poor. Simple as that.