Christian Eriksen FaceTimed His Teammates From The Hospital To Tell Them To Finish Playing Finland After He Collapsed On The Field

We know what happened to Christian Eriksen on Saturday. It's still fucking terrifying the image of him just falling face first and having cardiac arrest on the field. It's even scarier when you see this quote from a doctor. 


'Gone.' You can't shake that word. Again, shout out everyone from the medical staff to Denmark's captain Simon Kjaer, who saved Eriksen's life. That's not even hyperbole. They saved Eriksen's life. Which makes it even crazier that not only did Denmark go finish the match against Finland, but that Eriksen FaceTimed them from the hospital bed to tell them to go play. Then again, maybe he remembered about UEFA: 

Now to be fair, it's reported that UEFA gave Denmark 3 options. Either finish the match that day, finish the following day or take a 3-0 loss. But for Eriksen to sit there and FaceTime his team from the hospital bed, we're talking less than an hour after he was 'gone on the field' to tell them to go play tells me all you need to know about Eriksen. That's a dude you want around your team at all times. 

I still can't believe they played. Just absolutely wild to make them go finish a match after seeing their teammate collapse. It's even more bullshit Finland won. I know, I know, they did everything right. Their fans were right there with Denmark fans cheering for Eriksen, but Denmark has to win that game. You need the storybook ending after that moment. 

Eriksen did put out a statement today. 

Here's hoping we keep hearing good news from Eriksen.