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Ding Dong Brains Fessy Can't Beat 'Challenge' Legend CT In A Final, Now Trying To Get His Ass Kicked In A Boxing Match

This fucking guy. Here I am in the offseason of The Challenge yet Fessy is still making it so easy to crack jokes on him. Nobody has a more inflated sense of who they are on the show than Fessy. He talks about how he's this big bad competitor yet he doesn't come close to winning a Final. He's soft. You can get in his head and make him quit just by putting some food in front of him. He tried talking shit to CT during this past season about how CT is washed, didn't compete against anybody and how it's Fessy's show now. It would be like Anthony Edwards on the Wolves going and telling Kawhi that it's his league.  

The worst part? He deleted this post. Why would you do that? Own up to it. You want to fight CT, CT would eat you alive. I don't care that CT is a dad. In fact, CT may have gotten stronger. Remember you want to fight this crazy person. 

I also love that Fessy immediately tries to bring in a Hall Brawl. That's the one event the dude who played college football SHOULD win at. Dude just has ding dong brains. Only way to put it. Also why we need a Big Brother vs Challenge season. Just two completely different games and Big Brother would get demolished. I'd love to see it. I know that everyone is jumping the shark with these celeb boxing matches and what not. But give me this. The Challenge was made on fighting, backstabbing and drunken hookups. Give us the fight with CT vs Fessy. Put Darrell and Bananas in CT's corner and make a spectacle about it. Actually, I have a place. Rough n Rowdy. No headgear preferably. 

CT by a million. Just a reminder: