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Nikola Jokic Lost His Shit And Got Ejected With The Season On The Line

Well, that is certainly not how I saw the 2020 NBA MVP's season potentially coming to an end. Especially when this game was still in the balance. What you don't see is the play before where Jokic was clearly bumped going into his jumper (that he missed), and this was clearly his frustrations boiling over. To be honest I can't ever remember seeing Jokic lose his shit like this. On one hand, I'm shocked the officials had the guts to actually throw him out, but on the other it's not really surprising. While I don't think you get tossed for that, the wind up like Jokic had on that play is a guaranteed flagrant 2. I tweeted as soon as it happened that he was about to get tossed. You can't wind up and make contact with the head like that, even if you also then got part of the ball. Soft maybe for the playoffs, but how they call that shit all year. I do wonder if the player had something to do with it though. Jokic isn't exactly an officials best friend. If someone like, LeBron let's say makes that same play, he's not getting ejected. You know it and I know it. 

How about Devin Booker though. That man is brave as shit. Nikola Jokic is a giant human. His brothers are giant humans. To any mere mortal, that is a terrifying situation to find yourself in. Well you didn't see Devin Booker back down a single inch as Jokic did nothing but give him a death stare. That might be the most impressive thing we've seen Devin Booker do this entire series and he's been the best player on the floor. I can only imagine what that does for your locker room chemistry when the best player on the team is willing to risk it all in order to stick up for a teammate. That stuff matters this time of year. 

If the Nuggets do go on to lose this game and the MVP's season ends in a 4-0 sweep and an ejection, that's certainly not the best look.