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Jacob deGrom Left Tonight's Game Early With Something Called Right Flexor Tendonitis. And Now We Pray

Ahhhhh, nothing like millions of Mets fans going from trying to not jinx a perfect game as Citi Field went WILD after every strikeout to going to WebMD to look up what the fuck right flexor tendonitis is. No, really.


It is NEVER fucking easy. I asked my buddy who is a doctor what he though and he gave me this:

Now luckily everything sounds good, or at least as good as it can when it comes to the unknown of injuries.

Giphy Images.


Like I said the last time Jake got dinged up, nobody knows his body better than him. When a part of said body is aching or barking, he can just shut it down, rest up, and add another MPH to his fastball after visiting whatever planet he is from. The fact he could still dominate with any sort of discomfort shows just how great he is cruising right now.

Luckily the middle relief came through didn't blow it before our closer entered under the beautiful sound of trumpets and shut things down once and for all.

The Road to 96 wins rides on nothing but blue mountains and positive vibes. Everything will be alright and let's not forget that lost in all the madness was another win over the big bad Padres. Let's go win this series behind the Stro Show tomorrow and keep this wagon rolling.

What a fucking rollercoaster of a night, season, and fanhood. As long as we have the Illars and Billy McKinney, nothing can stop us!