After Seeing Manny Ramirez Jr. Swing A Bat And Look Identical To His Father He Is Shooting Up My Draft Boards

Well folks, we're officially old now. Manny Ramirez Jr. is a legit prospect in the baseball world and something tells me he's going to be very, very good. Maybe it's because he can smoke baseballs like his old man. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he's signed by the Blue Jays to complete their full 40-man roster of former players kids. Just look at the swing, the bat speed, holding the bat with one hand and tossing it aside after going 350 to left-center. Yeah, that's Manny's son. The one-handed finish is my favorite, he'll fit right in with his dad. Could only imagine how many times he practiced that swing in the cage at Fenway or in the backyard. Dad for sure taught him how to pimp the hell out of homers too.

I just need him to grow out some dreads, toss on some baggy pants, piss in the monster, wear those Oakley sunglasses with earbuds in them, and high five a fan in the middle of a play and he'll be a spitting image of his pops. I will say I'm a bit disappointed that he doesn't have the high exaggerated leg kick like his dad, but he does have the sweet swing like him. And rumor is that Manny Ramirez is the one in the video talking to him and that he says to wait for the fastball after the first pitch. Well it seems like he listened and hit it into the street. I can't wait to watch every home run this kid hits and see how much he looks like his dad.