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The French Government Just Cancelled Their Covid Curfew So Fans Wouldn't Have To Go Home In The Middle Of This INSANE Nadal Djokovic French Open Match

MARTIN BUREAU. Getty Images.

I don't know what you're doing right now, but if you're at home or already made your way to a bar make sure you are watching Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic go to war at the French Open right now. I may be a prisoner of recency bias but this may very well be the greatest tennis match of all time. The 11PM covid curfew just hit after the 3rd set, normally when all of the fans have to leave the stadium and head home per the French Government's rules. Well, after the absolutely insane 97 minute 3rd set just came to a conclusion and the clock fast approaching the 11:00 hour, the head chair umpire made the announcement that the French Government was going to delay the curfew so everyone could stay and enjoy the match. The place turned into a mad house. 

“Due to the exceptional nature of the match, public authorities have allowed this match to go on with fans.”

Think about this. The French Government realized how insane this tennis match was and said yeah we're actually not gonna be able to send these fans home. Fuck it, covid can stay away for a few more hours. The fans can stay. Unbelievable. They just mentioned it's an election year in 2022 for France. That's one helluva way to get some votes and keep the masses happy. I mean there would have been a full blown riot if they actually sent them home. Great move. 

The match is still going with Novak up a set in the 4th, on serve. I'm just gonna dump some highlights here to convince you to turn on the Tennis Channel.