Fernando Tatis Jr. Is Less Than 200 Games Into His MLB Career And We’re Already Getting A Documentary On Him

Hell yeah, out of the clouds we get an announcement of a Fernando Tatis Jr. documentary and I’m pumped. We always talk about getting the names and faces of the biggest and best players out there, why not start with El Niño? Hasn’t even played in 200 MLB games and people already want a deep dive on him, says a lot about how he plays and who he is. It may be painful for White Sox fans to watch, but it’s gonna be great for the game of baseball. He IS the face of baseball right now and he’s arguably the most explosive and exciting player in the game. I need a whole 45 min on his bat flips and the stutter step at third. But in all seriousness I think this is gonna be really cool, it’s coming out in a few weeks and I’m sure people will complain that it’s too soon, but who cares? Give me more Nino, give me more Tatis, I want to see it all. I hope we eventually get a few of these documentaries and Tatis is the guy they start it out with.