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10 Movies and 3 Shows You Should Stream This Weekend

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1. There Will Be Blood (NETFLIX): This is a heavy one, but a fantastic movie that is a must-watch for fans of good movies IMHO. Daniel Day-Lewis performed out of his mind, and the whole supporting crew is incredible. Every now and then I'll catch myself home alone and just yell I HAVE ABANDONED MY CHILD! 

2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (NETFLIX): I know I recommend this a lot, but it is truly one of the best and timeless comedies ever. Beyond that, it also cracks me up how the movie wouldn't exist if Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Genesis and more hadn't financed it in order to get a tax write-off. 

3. In the Heights (HBO MAX): This just dropped on HBO Max and in theaters yesterday. It's a very upbeat and colorful musical that is very entertaining, and I think most people will enjoy it. I had some issues with the editing, but other than that it is a fun time. Let me note as well that the theater experience is definitly better than the at-home. 

4. The Dirty Dozen (HBO MAX): One of my all-time favorite older movies that only gets better every time I watch. It combines basically an Avengers-level ensemble cast of old, cool actors and puts them in a badass WW2 mission to kill some Nazis or die trying (they're basically in a suicide squad type scenario). Great acting, action and lines all through this classic. 

5. Happy Gilmore (HBO MAX): You've all seen it, go watch it again for Chubb's sake. 

6. Skyfall (HULU): My personal #1 James Bond movie of all time still absolutely kicks ass. The dream team of Craig and Bardem combined with director Sam Mendes (Jarhead, 1917), cinematographer Roger "Freaky" Deakins ( The Shawshank Redemption, Fargo, O Brother, Where Art Thou? A Beautiful Mind, Skyfall, Sicario, Blade Runner 2049, and 1917), Thomas Newman on the track (The Shawshank Redemption, Cinderella Man, American Beauty, The Green Mile, Finding Nemo, WALL-E) made for one hell of a espionage thriller.

7. Ingrid Goes West (HULU): This is an extremely freaky stalker pic that has two of my favorite performances from Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen. It has some fantastic black comedy that I think will tickle your fancy big time.  

8. Zoolander (PRIME VIDEO): Just like with Happy Gilmore, I know you have seen this movie before. I don't need to pitch you. 

9. The Great Escape (PRIME VIDEO): Like with the Dirty Dozen, this is one of my favorite older movies. Steve McQueen may have been the coolest guy to have ever lived, and he is only one part of yet another killer cast that has some great Nazi-beating action and subterfuge. Also, an ALL TIME soundtrack and main theme. I remember I actually had the PS2 video game for this movie which ripped. 

10. The Incredibles (DISNEY+): I know people love the Incredibles, but I will never get enough love. One of the sleekest, funniest, and well put together movies Pixar ever made. 


1. Loki (DISNEY+): Loki ripped off one of the best pilot episodes for a series in recent memory, and I think it is already primed to be the best of the Marvel live action series already. Also, I already saw the second episode on a screener and FELLAS… ain't seen nothing yet. DUN……DUN DUN OOOHHHH BABYYYY YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET

2. Star Wars: The Bad Batch (DISNEY+): The show has had some slow episodes and they've mostly been following the Mando serial format, but today's episode was INTENSE. Again, outside of Mando, the clone wars + bad batch by extention have been the best star wars media to come out since the original trilogy. 

3. Dave (HULU): Dave is a show that is built for our generation of people and it fucking rocks. Basically a display for Little Dicky's brilliance and a reward for all of us with some fantastic comedy.