A Reporter Had His Brain Melt On Live TV For The Entire Internet To See After The Avalanche Game

This is the biggest on-air brain melt I've seen since the boom goes the dynamite kid. A guy who belongs behind a computer and not a microphone. A guy who needs editors, a friend, a good night's sleep, meditation, practice, index cards, and a psychologist before he opens his mouth. This guy sitting there over zoom just waiting for the PR guy to call on him and his question is "uhhhh FUCK IT, do you think you're thinking too much and that you should think less before you win it next year without thinking?". Or something like that. My rendition might have actually been better and generous. 

This question was asked by Adrian Dater. He's a name I know from the hockey world. This was his official statement on his "question"

Mangled it is an understatement, but you know what...who cares. It is the first time a big J journalist asked a question in that setting that got a memorable response. This is why I would NEVER want a press credential. Nothing of substance ever comes from those settings. Nobody wants to be there. MacKinnon wanted to literally die when Dater said FUCK IT. He could've asked the best question of all time and he would've gotten a canned answer. Going viral for being an incoherent moron for a minute is better than being a needle in a stack of needle dick questions that nobody cares about. All is well that ends well if you can withstand the 24 hours of internet ridicule. 

Shout out Brian