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The City Of Chicago Is Hiding $250 Gift Cards All Over The City To Spend At Bars And Restaurants As Chicago Opens Fully

I'm not some economist (lol!) but this is an awesome move by the city and Mayor Lightfoot right? There's nothing bad that can come of it, at least not from what I'm aware of. Just give a bunch of people a bunch of money to spend at the bars and restaurants that have been gutted over the last 18 months by no fault of their own. Love that. Put money back into the pockets of one of the industries that got massacred by this goddamn virus. For as much shit as Mayor Lightfoot and our leadership has gotten since the start of the pandemic and with how politicized fucking everything is, it's gotta be hard for a lot of people to admit when a cool move is a cool move and this... this is a cool move. 

Speaking of Coronavirus, Chicago is officially WIDE THE FUCK OPEN!!!! Holy hell what a glorious day. We got a WHOLE LOT of this coming up:

No capacity limits at bars, no curfews, masks are bye bye. Holy hell is this an awesome sigh of relief. Let's burn this city down to the ground for the next 6 months and into football season when Fields leads us to a Super Bowl