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Has Putting Out Four Winning "Bet With Smitty's" In A Row Finally Made Dave Portnoy Respect The Blockhead?

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Well just ask our Lord and Savior El Presidente himself from yesterday's afternoon #DDTG!  


Almost! But that's what happens when the Phillies are up 1-0 in the 9th and Freddy Freeman launches one over Odubel Herrara who apparently has the vertical of Frank The Tank swimming stuck in molasses! 

If only the Phillies CF had the athletic ball catching abilities of true athletes in their prime! 

Giphy Images.


But have no fear! Even after the Phillies someway, somehow gave up two runs in the 10th WITHOUT GIVING UP A HIT, the (sometimes) Fightin' Phils come back to claim victory! 

The Davey Day Night survives and everybody is a winner! Blockheads included! #thankyouelpres


Huzzah to El Presidente and the winners he leads to victory! Tonight the Blockhead is back at it again! Go and join! Responsibly!