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I Still Can't Believe The Set Of Balls On This Nets Security Guard Who Decided To Escalate Shit By Barreling Into PJ Tucker Last Night

This security guard is by no means a small human being. He would kick my ass. But I'm not PJ Tucker and PJ Tucker is NOT to be trifled with. He's a dude who will absolutely beat the shit out of you if he has to. The man is from Raleigh, NC and played all over Europe, including in the Ukraine where he refused to sit out with a leg injury. My point being is he's seen some shit and will mess around if he has to. That's why this security guard barreling in like a bat out of hell has some of the biggest balls I've ever seen. Durant can talk shit to PJ. They both went to Texas, PJ's not going to throw a punch at Durant in the middle of the game. But the moment that security guard gives him a little check? Well, all things are off. 

Can we stop having security run in at all times? Let the men on the court figure shit out. If a punch gets thrown then come in. Treat it more like a bar where let someone make a mistake and then hurl them out of there. Too often we have security coming in and separating dudes for no reason. That's for teammates and the refs to do. This guy though? I'm starting to think he was a plant to try to get in the Bucks head. I wouldn't be surprised if Nash set him up there to take a little shot in the back at PJ. Seems like something the Nets would do. 

If he's not a plan than these security guards are starting to get a little too big for their britches. They all want to make the highlight tackle and get on Twitter. What happened to the good ole days where they just stand there and laugh while shit talking happens? Give me those guys back. Let me shit escalate between players, it's the playoffs goddamnit. The other guy in blue having to break up PJ and the security guard did make me laugh though. Just an outrageous move.