Ask And You Shall Receive. Dippin' Dots Sent UVA Closer Stephen Schoch A Massive Box Of Ice Cream After His Viral Postgame Speech.

It's Stephen Schoch's world and we're just living in it. He's pitching his ass off and helped get his team to a Super Regional this weekend, he's going viral for his on-field antics everyday, and now he is living his dream of having a ton of Dippin' Dots. You've seen the postgame interview where Schoch talks about the insane price of Dippin' Dots, everyone has. He went super viral and he even had the CEO of Dippin' Dots slide into his DMs. Well it looks like the ice cream company came through in a big way, a nice sized package of Dipping' Dots for Stephen to share with his Cavaliers teammates. What's better than free ice cream when it's 90 degrees out? I'm just happy he didn't touch that dry ice and burn his hands up. He's a master unboxing too, love how he made it into a show. You could tell he was pumped about the cookies 'n cream and rainbow flavors, but the head shake on the banana split didn't seem like he was thrilled. 

We had him on our Exit 52 podcast this week and he said if he knew he was going to get something free out of the post game clip he'd have said Ferraris, but I think he's okay settling for 3 massive bags of the ice cream of the future. He also told us after the season is over he is going to take a tour of the entire Dippin' Dots headquarters and find out how they get so much taste in those little cold balls. When we talked to him he legit seemed so curious about the entire dots process and how they make it, what makes them so good, he wants to know it all. I'm willing to bet when he's in the game in a save situation he has Dippin' Dots on the mind. Lucky him too, now he gets more per diem, AND he has all that free ice cream. Can save that per diem for something else now. UVA's games this weekend are going to be must watch, just to see what Stephen does out on the mound. I hope we get him ripping shots of Dipping' Dots in the bullpen before he comes in, I wouldn't put it past him.