Fenway Park Security Nearly Tore The ACLs Of Houston's Pitcher By Tackling A Fan On The Field

I have zero Earthly idea how this man nearly scored. I'm struggling to figure out the route this young man took to even make it half as far as he did before forward progress was stopped. I get security had a year off but I can't have this happen with one of our pitchers on the mound. This was inches away from a double torn ACL for the Astros' pitcher who narrowly escaped his season coming to an untimely demise. And that doesn't happen if coaches these days taught proper form tackling. This is the Madden hit stick generation personified. Launching head first, no wrap up, just throwing your arm out there hoping to trip up the receiver's legs. A standard, head's up, shoulder to the midsection and this guy is implanted into the Fenway grass several feet from Enoli Paredes' achilles tendons. It's about the fundamentals, folks. You start forgetting the basics when the lights are shining their brightest and that's how games are lost. Study the film, learn from it, and for god's sakes boys, wrap up!!!