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The Lakers Have The Most Delusional Fanbase In The NBA And Its Not Close

May 15th, 2021 I put out a video about which playoff teams were the most overrated in the NBA. The Lakers were at the top of my list. They were the #2 favorite to win it all by odds. I thought that was WAY too high.

"Lakers -- pack it up. It's not your year. Just pack it up have no expectations." 

Man, were Lakers fans big mad.

They swore to me their team was going to win it all. They were certain. Dead certain. Some of the responses were GEMS. 

But as I predicted, the Lakers were indeed Fakers. I was right. I mean, I’m an oracle, but you didn’t need to be to see this one coming. Anthony Davis was far more injured than anyone (but me) thought and there was a trickle effect that would make Reganomic fans cream themselves.

 Lebron’s ankle injury was so bad he said he’d never be 100% again this season 


So when I made the rather serene prediction the Lakers would not repeat? Not even come out of the west… 

Even I was shocked at how mad Laker fans got. 

The haters were furious, as usual. 

Here are some of the best and most delusional comments from the LA “faithful”:

“Imagine saying the Lakers are overrated with the top defense and Bron and AD coming back in top form (a million crying emojis) 

“Lakers should WHATTT?” 

“Lakers most likely going to the Finals. They’ve only played bad this year due to injury and chemistry issues. AD will be back and things will pick up”

Narrator: It never did pick back up. 

“You know nothing about sports Imma come back to this when Bron carries us to the Finals!” 

“Girl keep dreamin. Lakers going back to back LOL LOL LOL I bet my life” 

Got to say that is a BAD bet, buddy. 

“Imagine saying a Lebron and AD led team was overrated. Lebron is just too good they’ll make it happen no matter what” 

“When the Lakers win the chip we’ll come back to see how poorly this aged” 

Yes. We. Will. Someone’s take FOR SURE aged poorly. It’s just not mine. 

“King James gonna silence her ass. That’s what they all say”

I am not silent. I am louder than ever before. 

“So the Nets aren’t overrated but the Lakers are?? GTFO”


“I don’t understand. How are the Lakers overrated? WTF?”

Do you understand now? LOL

Everyone was betting on the fact Lebron had never lost a first round series in his life. Always a first time for everything, especially when Rob Pelinka took a championship roster and basically did very little to make it better and a whole lot to make it worse.

As a sad Blazers fan who hates the Lakers? Yeah, this made me happy. So happy I made a shirt just for people like me, who take joy in the demise of Bron and the Fakers. 


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