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A Trucker Is Going Viral For Looking EXACTLY Like Amy Schumer.. But Wait, There's More!

She does, indeed, look like Amy Schumer, and the 'Crankin' The Hog rewards points for a Monster Fridge', tear drop tattoo & Truckin-N-Fuckin shirt are a top notch addition. But thankfully some eagle eyes out there spotted the truly interesting detail at hand:

I understand long road trucking must be tough on the body; eating junk & fast food on the long drive, being coiled up for hours... when you finally stop at a rest spot it probably comes at yer britches hard & fast the moment you finally stand up... Plus several friends I know who have 'pooped themselves as adults' stories have had them take place at gas stations, so this is plausible.. 

But really that STOP Pooping In Our Parking Lot (#SPIOPL) sign made me think this was some sort of weird parody truck stop account. However, it appears to be a real, full service (but nothing sexual) truck stop in Tennessee. 

Wait, now I'm not sure again…

Either way that place is good at social media & the Schumer post has gone viral which means I'm aware because, as a fellow average looking white woman who jokes about sex things from time to time, I'm getting tagged by guys saying, "Kate is this you?" (This happens any time Schumer is trending for any reason.) A few slightly different life choices & I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed if the trucker version was.

Keep on truckin' Amelia.