There's Arguably No Sweeter Sound In Sports Than A Freshly Mic'd Up Jay Cutler

I hate to be Johnny Old School here but you just don't make quarterbacks much less human beings like Jay Cutler anymore. Especially in such competitive environments and atmospheres that demand you to be on the extreme side of some spectrum. Whether it's straight edge and religious or being a football junk that's obsessed with his legacy or a guy trying to build their own marketing brand. Everybody everywhere across sports is walking around with some type-A, ego inflated agenda predicated on GOAT status. 

Then there's a guy like Jay Cutler with an arm so big he physically couldn't pursue another profession. So talented he had no choice but to play quarterback in the NFL. The kind of guy who just wanted to pump the pigskin down the field with the boys. Everything else just slowly jaded him over time. Guy literally was on the simple quest of getting paid and opening up windows in an NFL secondary. Now he cuts his teeth looking like a goddamn snack and moving the needle across social media. 


To me the real appeal is the salt and bottomless pit of apathy. The shameless laugh that he hasn't thrown a pass into the 2nd quarter. The shit talking after shaking and baking a d-lineman. His refusal to even entertain a Tails Never Fails joke. Everything about Jay Cutler points to him being a good old fashioned sandbagging son of a bitch and quite frankly I miss that. 

We talk about it this week on Red Line Radio but it's amazing how blinded most of us were to how cool Jay Cutler is. I know we're idiots generally and I know there's a lot of baggage with the fanbase. But generally speaking we could have been a lot nicer to Jay Cutler and we weren't. That blows. 

You can hear the full interview below. For the Barstool Chicago audience I would definitely tag this one as a must listen. Especially the part about WSD's idea about training Jay's cocks to fight. You read that correctly.