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Orioles Fans Are Literally Losing Their Minds Because Relish Has Yet To Win A Hot Dog Condiment Race This Season

Not only have the Orioles had a rough time playing at home, but Relish can't seem to get on the board during the Hot Dog Races in-between innings at Camden Yards either. Literally winless this year. Ketchup and mustard have dominated the race and fans of relish are starting to lose their patience. Fans ditching their orange O's shirts for a green relish shirt with the bird logo on it, these people are die hard relish fans are won't stand for a losing condiment while also rooting on a losing team. My guy Brian up here was going nuts after relish couldn't bring it home the other night. Not only are the Orioles not good this season, but his beloved relish isn't good either. It's hard out here in these streets. O's did him dirty by throwing his tantrum up on the big screen too. You see a crazy person yelling about relish, I see a passionate fan that is upset with how his condiment performs. As of Wednesday nights game ketchup had won 15, mustard 16, and relish has a big old goose egg. Relish was even winning until literally the last 3 feet of the race. Tough break for relish.

People are asking if relish doesn't have the clutch gene, can't finish the big race, doesn't show up in prime time, hell it doesn't show up at all. And it's not very surprising, it's very clearly the third best hot dog condiment out there, but it's mile behind ketchup and mustard. There's a chance relish goes 0/81 on the season, it wouldn't surprise me at all. Relish is basically the Orioles of the Hot Dog Race.