Barstool Confessions

As I said last week, Feitelberg is allowing Dante and me to alternate weeks collecting confessions from deprived Stoolies to compliment the regular podcast he and Chaps are pumping out which can be found here.  On top of random absolutions, Chaps and Feits also dive into the absurdities of the Holy Bible... It s a great listen.

But this blog series is simply just for confessions (and clicks).

I'll go first…

I was a janitor in Brownsville, Brooklyn during the summers I was home from college... So 1989 to 1993.

For people who are unaware, Brownsville is the birthplace of Mike Tyson, Al Sharpton, and at least 2 members of the Wu-Tang Clan, and it was a fucking TERRIBLE neighborhood at the time... Maybe it's better now... I really don't care.

The kids in summer school were just AWFUL to the janitorial staff in general and to me in particular... I had to sweep up outside a couple of times a day and they used to throw bottles at me from the classroom windows 2 or 3 stories up.  And the way they left the bathrooms (particularly the "Ladies" Room) was nothing short of abominable.

Telling school administrators seemed like a fruitless endeavor, plus I am no rat.  

So, instead, every morning when I got to the school, I would piss in the soap dispensers in the main bathrooms on either the second or third floors.

Petty... Vindictive... But effective.

And I am truly sorry for it now.

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Anything you need to get either off your chest?… The comments are open.

Two Hail Marys, three Our Fathers, and slip a 20 in the collection box on the way out… All is forgiven.