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Wawa Continues It's Emphatic Beatdown Over Every Other Convenience Store Chain In America With Over 100 People Standing In Line For A Cheesesteak

A new Wawa opened up today in Delco (a county right outside of Philadelphia who are unfamiliar). Typically that would be reason enough to celebrate on its own. But to further commemorate this joyous occasion, Wawa officially dubbed today as "Mare of Easttown Day" where they'd be adding a new spicy cheesesteak to the menu and also handing out some free tshirts. 

Personally I haven't watched Mare of Easttown. Probably never will. But just to recap, here's what we're dealing with:

- A hit show that is based in Delco

- A new Wawa

- Cheesesteaks

- Free tshirt

That's what we in the biz refer to as a perfect storm. Honestly can't think of anything that is more important to Delco than all of those things besides maybe cigs inside. So should this come as any surprise that the line at this Wawa was looking like a Saturday line at Franklin's Barbecue just so folks could get their mouth on a delicious convenience store cheesesteak at 8:30am and their hands on a free tshirt?

Not in the slightest. Because this is Wawa. And like the SEC, it just means more. There will never be another convenience chain on the planet who has a more rabid and loyal fanbase than Wawa. The haters may say its gas station food. First off, the haters don't realize that Wawa didn't start off as a gas station. But they also don't realize that Wawa is a way of life. It's stopping in at 4:30am for your coffee and a sizzli on your way to go work a construction job. It's stopping in on your lunch break for a turkey bacon and cheddar wrap and an order of the buffalo chicken bites, slugged down with a peach iced tea. It's heading back on your way home from work to pick up a spicy cheesesteak and a white can of Monster energy for dinner on the road. 

Sheetz could quite literally never.