Lax Legend Paul Rabil Dating Eiza González Has to Be The Biggest Moment In Lacrosse History

Randy Holmes. Getty Images.

I've been on record saying Eiza González is one of the hottest women on the planet. She may very well have the crown when we lay down all the cards. Everyday I look myself in the mirror and question how on Earth we could be of the same species. She's perfect in every shape of the word and should be viewed as a living goddess when she decides to step into the public eye.

Now you'd imagine she's dated only the best looking/famous/charming fellas in the galaxy right? You'd be correct in that assumption. Josh Duhamel, Timothée Chalamet, and Klay Thompson are three of her past hookups that come to mind. But who is she onto now? 

A PRO LAX PLAYER?!?!? Now I'm not there to shit on lacrosse or Paul Rabil because he is a legend of the sport. Peep his interview on PMT a few years ago, the guy is the man and a good looking cat I might add. 

But still a pro lacrosse player pulling Eiza Gonzalez has to be the biggest moment for the sport in its history. I mean this guy has her showing up to games! This is incredible. 

Unbelievable. Is lacrosse back? The sport of the future has arrived before our very eyes. 

Without hesitation I'd say good bye to every family member and friend I've ever met if it meant spending the rest of my life with her. I'm flabbergasted.

P.S. She's got a lead role coming up in a movie called 'Wolf Country.' 

I'm all in. Hopefully she has a better fate than in Godzilla vs. Kong.