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Nothing But Respect For Giants Kicker Graham Gano Refusing To Give Jabrill Peppers Number 5, Then Taunting Him With A Price Is Right Tweet

We all know about the rule change letting people wear numbers like they did in college. It's awesome because, what's it really matter outside of like a lineman and who is eligible to go downfield? We're seeing guys from all teams switch to single digits and everything like that. But I got nothing but respect here for Graham Gano of my beloved Giants. Just refusing to give Peppers his number 5. Listen, I like Peppers a lot. Huge to the team and what he can do. But kickers are important, just ask Carl and the Chicago guys. 

So if Graham Gano wants to wear number 5, so be it. That's as long as he keeps going 31-for-32 on field goals. Can't be leaving points on the board. Speaking of the board, here's what makes me really respect Graham Gano. He's not backing down to a 'real' football player. Oh no. He's doubling down. 

The man is clearly open to negotiation just don't come in light. I love it though. Stand your ground, you have every right to your number. Plus, you know, you're a kicker. 95% of them rotate teams every 2 years it feels like. 5 will be open at some point. Just keep the good juju going and spirits light. It's our year.