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Things Couldn’t Have Gone Worse For This Angels Fan While Trying To Snag A Foul Ball

We see it all the time in MLB games, guys going all out for a baseball. All they want is that little ball of leather with pine tar and spider tack all over it. People go NUTS over baseballs at a game. It's like they think there is gold inside. This guy is the perfect example of that. Foul ball drops right in front of this guy, couldn't have been easier for him to catch it. He just flat out misses the first attempt and the ball immediately bounces and hits him in the chin. That did not feel good, but he didn't give up there. The ball then rolls under a nearby table and the madness continues. It's a mad dash as these grown men scramble for this loose ball. Our friend who just got hit in the chin with the ball tries to play the "low man wins" game and ends up smacking his face right on the table, direct hit right in the nose. He did get the ball so I guess it was worth it but he got the shit beat out of him just for a ball. A very painful experience just for a souvenir. People loose their mind when they have a chance at a foul ball, it's like something comes over them and they become possessed. Push over a table, take a ball to the face? Who gives a shit, they just want that ball.