Pete Alonso Accused Major League Baseball Of Juicing/Unjuicing Baseballs Based On Which Players Were About To Become Free Agents

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Look at Pete Alonso taking Rob Manfred and his merry band of misfits to the woodshed. I mean I obviously don't know if these accusations are true or not, but as we all learned in kindergarten, a polar bear ain't never tell a lie! 

Okay I don't think that was an actual saying and Pete does strike me as a big conspiracy theory guy, but let's think about it for a second. Based on everything we know about both groups, do you think Major League Baseball and owners would actually collude do something so deceitful in order to keep player salaries down?

Thinks about it for .00000001 milliseconds

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There is also a chance that once MLB bought Rawlings, they fucked up the baseballs and have been overcorrecting ever since because they are the sports league that seems to be run like its Barstool.

I would get on my soapbox about how fucking with the baseballs year in and year out is a complete shitshow for a sport that is driven by stats and records. But that's baseball, Suzyn. If you like baseball, you kinda have to live with the powers that be potentially fucking up everything you love about the sport as baseball writers that vote to keep Hall of Famers out of the Hall of Fame turn a blind eye until the public finds out.

Instead, if this is the case, I am hoping that Uncle Stevie can figure out how to build each Mets team for the foreseeable future based on whether or not that season's balls are going to be juiced like Smitty at Rough N Rowdy (syringe emoji, syringe emoji).