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I Do Not Have The Emotional Stability To Watch This Pitcher's Duel Between Jake Arrieta & Yu Darvish (LIVE BLOG)

We're under way in San Diego for what some would describe as the biggest game of the year. Maybe that's a reach but there's an off day then 3 with the Cardinals this weekend in front of a packed house. If you ever wanted to get a win, now on the 20th day of 20 straight games is that time. Put a ribbon on the game and come back to Chicago for the craziest non postseason atmosphere we've seen in what I'd predict to be FOREVER. Lots to look forward too. 

But we can also look back for a second. Yu Darvish is absolutely fucking dealing right now against the Cubs. He's perfect through 2 with 4 strikeouts. I hate to be a sandbagging pussy but he would look great in a Cubs uniform this year. I may regret that sentiment when the 4 teenagers we received in exchange come Of Age if you will. But as it stands this is kinda bullshit. Yu Darvish would let me start talking about the pennant even if it's June and even if I'm being dramatic. 

No shade on Zach Davies. He threw a phenomenal game last night en route to his revenge tour. West Coast bros like him would much rather be in San Diego or at least that's my hunch. Big hunch guy this time of year if you didn't know that about me. Instincts and nature are hitting their annual peak. Flowers of all varieties are in bloom. True story. There's a reason you're on a heater fellas. It's called a well oiled June. 

In other news, Patrick Wisdom is officially on the radar. Flash in the pan? Maybe but I don't see any problem embracing him with open arms. Absolutely preposterous start to his 2021 season and for that reason I have commissioned this custom designed vintage Barstool Chicago t-shirt. Ladies and gents eat your heart out. 

I'm wholesaling arousal this afternoon fellas. Don't be bashful. We ship to all 50. 


Yasmani Grandal is a textbook Miami chump change bum. I don't really mean that because he's sweet but I also don't love this kind of chirp. 

Take it easy buddy. 

Telling someone to take it easy isn't a power move but it's still a very respected play.

Lastly Again

We interviewed Jay Cutler today and it was the rare instance of when things go well. I would highly encourage you guys subscribe to Red Line Radio for the episode drop tomorrow.