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Let's All Come Together And Shit On A Couple Of Big J Journos For Being Complete Assholes On Twitter This Week

This week on Red Line Radio, I went on a rant. It wasn't my typical rant though where I'm calling Carl a fucko for being a fucko; it was me calling a couple of local big J journos fuckos for being fuckos. 

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Typically, I have always avoided publicly calling out the Big J's, and I did that for a few reasons. 

1. House orders. Big Cat didn't ever like us getting into it with other mediums, public figures, etc. because if we said something stupid that'd fuck him over, that wouldn't be good, especially since we weren't full time until 2019. Perfectly understandable, he didn't want something idiotic I said to hurt his career. I get that and always respected that.

2. On the flip side, I never wanted to hurt my personal chances for getting offered one off call-ins on The Score, ESPN Radio, other podcasts, etc. If I saw something I didn't like, I'd just bite my tongue for the most part because I was a young, up and coming media sensation myself and didn't want to stir the pot. (the "up and coming media sensation" part is a joke, just shut the fuck up)

Not anymore though. Fuck that. We've got our flag planted in the city and there's nothing anyone else in Chicago sports media can offer us that we don't already have. That doesn't mean that I'll go out of my way to shit on people in the media just to shit on them, but if something so egregious, outrageous, or stupid is said by one of our "competitors" (and I use that term loosely), I have NO problem calling out the bullshit. 

And there was a LOT of bullshit this week in Chicago media. Just absolutely fucking outrageous shit was spewed on Twitter and the airwaves. Let's take it from the Top:

Dan Bernstein:

If you're not in the Chicago market, Dan Bernstein is one of the big dogs on daytime radio. He was paired with Terry Boers for years and years and for my money, they had the best midday sports talk show in Chicago for a long time. It was laugh out loud funny. I could be incorrect here (not gonna bother asking him because I'm too lazy) but I vaguely remember Big Cat saying he wanted to model PMT after Boers and Bernstein's midday show to at least some extent. Years ago I would have said that show would have been perfect to model. 

Unfortunately, Terry Boers got sick (like sick sick) and had to hang up the microphone. That was really a shame - one of the funniest to ever do it in Chicago media. Everyone in Chicago loved Terry Boers on the airwaves. By cracky!!! (iykyk)

But Bernstein carried on and turned from funny man who ruled Chicago radio to a "shove my political beliefs down your throat" hot take machine. The embedded tweet above is a classic example of that. 

Look, some people like Tony LaRussa. I am more or less indifferent on him, even if I hate that he's constantly story #1 about the White Sox. 

Others? Others will vigorously defend his every move. If I'm reading Bernstein's tweets correctly, the only people that defend him are old, racist, MAGA loving white guys that burn crosses in their front yard and have confederate flag tramp stamps. 

I'm here to tell you that's not the case. Some people like his old school approach to managing. Others see a first place team that has the largest division lead in the sport and say "he is doing a good job" because of that. None of that matters to echo chamber Bernstein though; all that matters is that he saw a few white dudes defend LaRussa and that automatically makes them racist scumbags because he said he was anti-kneeling in 2016.

I'll say this loud and clear: Dan Bernstein can fuck the FUCK off with this take. Seriously, get the fuck out of our faces with that shit. The holier than thou bullshit didn't stop with him this week though. It went from the radio waves to print media.

Paul Sullivan:

Paul Sullivan covers baseball for the Chicago Tribune and has been for almost 40 years. Here's his bio from the Chicago Tribune's website:

Paul Sullivan is the Chicago Tribune's In the Wake of News columnist and baseball writer, covering the Cubs, White Sox and national news. A 39-year Tribune veteran, Sullivan was named Illinois Sportswriter of the Year in 2015, '16 and '19 and earned the Ring Lardner Award for excellence in sports journalism in 2018.

Cool man. Congrats all of the success. Mighty fine career in journalism, if you ask me. But that doesn't make you better than the people around you. Nobody gives a flying fuck about Paul Sullivan that doesn't know him. He's just the guy that covers baseball for the dying Tribune. 

Just look at the verbiage of his in the tweet. He used the verb "invade" to describe a couple of kids touring the press box during fucking BATTING PRACTICE!!!! He said INVADE like it was the axis powers marching through Europe in the 1940s. I mean HOLY SHIT dude, have some self awareness. It was a couple of kids taking pictures of the field 3 hours before the game started. Get off your goddamn high horse. 

It didn't stop there though, a couple of his colleagues rushed to his defense.

Phil Rogers:

More outrageous word choice. HORRIBLE INVASION OF PRIVACY?!?!!?! What in the FUCK are we talking about people? Aren't you jagoffs the people that walk into lockerrooms after games and shove microphones in the faces of athletes fresh out of the shower with towels around their junk looking for quotes that you'll spin out of context for clicks? What fucking planet am I on?

It's INCREDIBLE how much these people lack self awareness. Like holy hell, I say stupid shit on the internet all the time but I at least know I'm a complete doofus and a complete moron. These people have no idea that nobody gives a fuck about them, their archaic mediums or their professions. It's mind boggling and for different reasons. One dude thinks that LaRussa sucks and is a racist, and that means if you like LaRussa then you're sympathize with LaRussa's racism. The other two think they run stadiums and shouldn't have to deal with loser proletariates walking through their shrines of work places.

In the end, all three of them suck ass. Just shut the fuck up and think before you tweet. Even someone as dumb as me knows to do that most of the time.