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The Mac 10 Is The Best Secondary To Use In Warzone

THE MAC IS BACK (was it ever really gone?)- It's Mike Trout's favorite gun...

Lately, I've been using the Mac-10 SMG as my secondary in Warzone and I absolutely love it. Since hopping back on Warzone, I've been looking for the best secondary option to fit my gameplay. I tested the Mac-10 with this "speed build" and went to work. Low and behold, it became my favorite secondary to use with my Kar98k.


This build is NOT meant for everybody. This gun's build is extremely hard to control the recoil, so it is only best used within 10 meters. I have a 3.75 KD, over 500 wins, so my recoil control is better than the average player. Also, I only use this Mac-10 in specific ranges. You can't try to use this build at range. You simply won't hit your shots.

Every loadout in Warzone should be optimized to fit your playstyle. Don't run a weapon just because your favorite streamer/YouTuber uses it. Use whatever gun you're most comfortable with and if you begin to noticeably get outgunned, then it's time to make a switch. The current Warzone meta really allows for any gun to be viable, so the field is wide open.

In my case, I play extremely fast and aggressive, so when I couple my playstyle with a fast weapon, I can absolutely wreck kids.

The Mac-10 has always shredded, but you will always be caught in a reload if you're trying to take on multiple opponents. This gun is best in solos and duos.

If you're curious about my other loadouts, checkout my Warzone Loadout playlist on my YouTube channel. If you want me to test your favorite gun and let you know my thoughts, tweet me.