Joey Votto Loved Sweeping The Cardinals Because 'There's Some Shit Talking Motherfuckers In St. Louis'

I'm so glad Joey Votto is still a professional baseball player. I say that not even as a Reds fan, I just enjoy how he doesn't give a shit. We need more of this across all sports. There should be heated rivalries. I want guys to hate each other the moment they step on the field against each other. I don't care the sport or the teams. Give me more of this. Give me a guy that will go to his press conference smiling about how much he enjoyed sweeping the Cardinals because they have shit talking motherfuckers. That's a dude that I will enjoy as long as he doesn't play for an AL East team not named the Orioles. 

Yeah guys like Fernando Tatis dominate the headlines because he's awesome and entertaining. But Joey Votto isn't far behind. He's one of the better players of our era, although he'll likely never get credit for that. He's also one of the, if not the most entertaining player in the game. You never know what the man is going to say. You never know when you're going to get trolled by Votto either. 

He's also the king of bizarre stats. 

Will this quote result in some dumb unwritten baseball rule and Votto get plunked? Probably. That's what the Cardinals do best. But that's not the point. The point is we need athletes across all sports to be like Votto. Sports are fun, even as a business. Who gives a shit about some talking? I encourage it. I hope Votto puts this on a shirt and wears it in St. Louis. Long live Votto.