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New Dinosaur Just Dropped: Top Five Biggest Dinosaur Ever Discovered In Australia


A new dinosaur has just been discovered in Australia, and it is considered the largest ever found in Oceana. It lived in the Cretaceous, which is the same time as T-Rex when Australia was connected to Antarctica. 


You know Birds are descendants of Dinosaurs because that guy looks like he's standing next to a huge buffalo wing bone. 

Clocking in at 20 feet tall at the shoulder (Not including its long ass neck) and 90 feet long, it is top 5 biggest dinosaurs ever. This is the largest "Titanosaur" ever discovered outside of South America. The Latin name for it is Australotitan Cooperensis, nicknamed "Cooper," which is funny because since it's not the biggest and best of the Titanosaurs, it's kinda like the Cooper Manning of Titanosaurs.

The biggest dinosaur ever was a Titanosaur found in Argentina called the Argentinosaurus, so doing some quick research allowed me to stumble upon this. 


20km is 12ish miles for reference.