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Even The CN Tower Is Sick Of The Toronto Maple Leafs' Shit

Congratulations to Kyle Dubas for assembling a hockey team that is so pathetic that your city's most esteemed landmark is done with your ass and lighting up in the colors of your rivals. Honestly the only person who the Leafs might still have on their side at this point is Dart Guy, but I'd imagine even he has a Cole Caufield jersey on the way. 

You just think about everything this organization has done over the last few years. The signing of Tavares. Bringing in vets like Thornton, Spezza, Simmonds and Bogosian. Trading a 1st round pick for like 13 games worth of Nick Foligno. Hiring a documentary crew to follow you around all season. Finishing 1st in the North Division after the regular season. Having the league's top goal scorer in Auston Matthews. Having a top 5 point scorer in the league with Mitch Marner. And the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

This league, indeed.