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The Sixers Came, Saw, And Conquered The Hawks In Game 2 (Kind Of)

The Sixers came out HANGRY. The #1 seed in the East stamped all nuts down to the tune of a 17 point lead in the first quarter annnddddddd of course only led by 2 at the half. Why? You can thank 0 points by the Sixers bench in the first half compared to 32(!!!) by the Hawks. That was certainly not cute. 

HOWEVA - Shake Milton with the Sixers BEHIND at the end of the third quarter and into the fourth had something to say about that. Quite possibly the least realistic person to explode for this squad in the clutch this side of Mike Scott literally going nuclear and bringing a bomb on the court. 

Unreal performance by Shake. Even Dwight and George Hill joined in with competency in the 4th. Huzzah! 

Every necessary adjustment was made by Doc. Embiid MVP'd it with 40 points and 13 boards. Ben locked down Trae, Tobias came out SLINGING, and even Danny Green had a three. Hey, 1-5 is better than nothing!

Rone and I are discussing right now postgame on Twitter Speaks for First Time Long Time, so come in and take a gander. We'll hang up and listen. 

Till then...CUE IT!!!

PS - Buy a shirt.